Teachers Training

Teachers Training

All teachers of French language in Kenya:

Universe Languages Centre in Nairobi in collaboration with Dr. Nzuki Bernard (PhD)-Strathmore French lecturer, would like to invite you for a French Training workshop at Embakasi Nyayo Estate.

The training will cover:

  • Promotion of teaching the French language;
  • Marking French exams not to affect the learner;
  • Setting French exams according to different levels;
  • Modern ways of using interactive and task-based methods of teaching French;
  • Most appropriate learning materials for French;

When: Open date. Kindly confirm with the Centre one week before your visit to inform the trainers.

Cost: Free of charge. A cup of coffee or tea with snacks will be offered.

At what time: Kindly feel free to choose your time.

Benefits: The teacher (school) will get free textbooks to facilitate their teaching. For Primary schools they will get 8 textbooks from class 1 to 8. For high school, college and university teachers/lecturers, they will get a Grammar book, Vocabulary book with an audio CD, Verbs book (for conjugations), short stories book and a reading and writing comprehension book, among others.

Optional benefits:

  • Free French end term exams;
  • External examiners ( to crosscheck and advise on exams);
  • Free continuous evaluation and training in schools;
  • Free French talks to students and teachers;
  • French tours or visits to our Centre, (visitors will benefit from Free French movies, French culture and motivational talks about French).

Our objectives

  • Make French language easy to learn in Kenya;
  • Motivate and encourage positive attitude towards French learning;
  • Help teachers to teach the language in the most efficient and effective way;
  • Promote the language through textbooks, movies, songs and poems;
  • Improve or better the performance of the language, i.e. in KCSE;
  • Make the language interesting and lively to learn;
  • Guide French learners on career choices, on how to study in France, etc….

French talks: Invite us come talk to your students about the benefits of learning French language. NB: kindly call us to book an appointment one month before to allow us allocate you a definite date.

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